Tamara Schlachter

Digital Manager

Tamara Schlachter is a digital manager at The Wilbert Group, where she specializes in social media marketing. She creates and implements digital content for clients such as JLL Atlanta, Banyan Street and CBL Properties. Tamara loves to keep up with the latest digital tools that allow her to tell her clients' stories in the most efficient, creative and engaging way.

Prior to joining The Wilbert Group, Tamara worked as an editorial producer for Wibbitz, a leading AI-powered video creation company. While working there she became passionate about new technology and storytelling.

Tamara is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. After completing a semester-long study program in Madrid, Spain, she moved to Tel Aviv, Israel where she obtained her BA in Communications with a specialization in Interactive Media. In her spare time, you can find her booking her next flight, scootering down Atlanta’s Beltline and watching House Hunters with her husband.