Hartmut Jordan

Hartmut Jordan

As a design director at The Wilbert Group, Hartmut Jordan brings a rare combination of skills and expertise to the team. He’s a hybrid designer comfortable in the physical, print and digital worlds, with a passion to create immersive environments and experiences that facilitate visualizations, rapid prototyping and training using AR/VR and MR. 

For over 20 years, Hartmut has broadened his design scope working for firms like IMBIBE, Ralph Appelbaum, Iconologic and Lorenc + Yoo Design. He’s worked with clients ranging from big corporations to real estate companies, including UPS, Coca-Cola, NAP, CBRE, and JLL, among others. He began his career in environmental design, working on landmark projects such as the William H. Clinton Library and the Capitol Visitors Center in Washington, D.C. 

Hartmut graduated from the Art Institutes with a degree in Interior Architecture and completed his Graduate Studies in Graphic Design at the Portfolio Center. He also served as chair on the board at AIGA Atlanta. Hartmut enjoys the outdoors, being active and exploring all the national parks with his two children, Hudson and Sullivan.


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