Urban Food Market

The situation. The Centre of Tallahassee, a struggling mall, had been partially redeveloped and now featured an authentic Italian food hall called Urban Food Market. Still, the mall felt dead. Despite glowing reviews in the local newspaper, few people even knew Urban Food Market was there. Realizing this food hall was special (with great food, a pretty space and authentic Italian chefs) and had the potential to help the overall property, the mall’s owners wanted it to succeed while they worked on the larger, long-term turnaround of the property. With that in mind, they hired The Wilbert Group to quickly drive consumer traffic and sales for Urban Food Market.

Wilbert deployed a smart PR strategy. Wilbert developed an aggressive paid social media strategy to increase awareness and encourage consumers to try Urban Food Market. Wilbert created compelling content, including short videos, beautiful photography and branded graphics, and targeted key audiences on social media through paid campaigns. In addition to building buzz around the daily specials, Wilbert leveraged “holidays” such as National Pasta Day and National Pizza Day, creating excitement and energy out of otherwise regular weekdays. Wilbert also shared special events and milestones with media, as well as hosted tours with local influencers, generating additional awareness and credibility within the community. For example, when Southern Living named Urban Food Market one of the “Best Food Halls of the South,” Wilbert secured print and online coverage in the Tallahassee Democrat. The messaging and branding was consistent, and the storytelling highlighted the authenticity and quality of the food.

Here’s how it drove business results. By amplifying compelling content through strategic paid social media campaigns, Wilbert grew the following by 100 percent and increased engagement by 723 percent, in less than six months. More importantly, the multifaceted PR, content development and social media program quickly increased consumer traffic and sales. Since Wilbert started its work in Fall 2017, average daily sales have increased by 37 percent and monthly sales have increased by 33 percent. With positive momentum around Urban Food Market, the mall owners are now better positioned to finish redeveloping the site into a thriving mixed-use destination.

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