Revenue Analytics

The situation. Revenue Analytics advises companies on how to price everything from hotel rooms and airplane seats to electronics and haircuts. The pricing and revenue management firm hired The Wilbert Group to increase awareness about its expertise in particular industries.

Wilbert deployed a smart PR strategy. The Wilbert Group created an integrated communications program that included consistently pushing out compelling content (two blog posts per week and regular case studies) as well as securing media coverage in major national outlets. In the first year alone, stories quoting Revenue Analytics executives reached more than 1 billion readers via The New York Times, Financial Times, USA Today, Bloomberg, Investors Business Daily and numerous other media channels. And the Wilbert-written blog was immediately a hit, resulting in thousands of social media shares.

Here’s how it drove business results. Media coverage in key industries – including retail, shipping and entertainment – was more than 99 percent positive in 2017 and helped fuel a more than doubling of Revenue Analytics’ annual revenues.

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