Lucas Group

The situation. Lucas Group, one of the nation’s leading executive recruiting firms, sought to reach three key audiences – job seekers, hiring managers and the next generation of Lucas Group employees – but was uncertain how. Having worked with The Wilbert Group on previous PR initiatives, Lucas Group hired Wilbert to devise a long-term, comprehensive PR plan to accomplish these goals and set the company apart within a fiercely competitive industry. The initial focus was on general managers of each recruiting division – accounting and finance, legal, sales and marketing, HR, IT, supply chain operations, and military transition.

Wilbert deployed a smart PR strategy. Based on a competitive media analysis of executive recruiting firms including Lucas Group, Wilbert knew the opportunities for thought leadership placements in general business media would be limited. So, Wilbert cast as wide a net as possible to include industry trade publications, national business media, and industry influencers (including bloggers and podcasters). It also developed relationships with reporters writing frequently about common job-hunting and career issues – leading to repeat successes with several publications. 

Here’s how it drove business results. Lucas Group had a stated goal of 35-45 total media placements in the first year, which it believed were critical to the program’s success. Instead, Wilbert delivered more than 100 placements, with Lucas Group appearing in media outlets such as Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, U.S. News & World Report, Ladders, Society of Human Resources Management, Marketplace and the Atlanta Business Chronicle. These placements generated millions of online views and provided GMs and the company with tremendous exposure – helping Lucas Group showcase its expertise to the three coveted audiences.

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