The Situation. ExecuSource, an Atlanta-based staffing and recruiting firm, aimed to differentiate itself from other recruiting firms and to reach both clients and candidates in four target industries.

Wilbert deployed a smart digital strategy. The Wilbert Group focused first on building high-performing, targeted consistent social media programs on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Once that day-to-day program was effectively working, Wilbert layered on three large campaigns per year. Each campaign featured social media-optimized videos, as well as a paid social component to amplify content and reach users in target industries. The videos showed personality and used humor to hook key audiences.

Here’s how it drove business results. In its first year, the program:
   •  Received a total of 298,600 video views across four platforms 
   •  Garnered over 2.4 million impressions (unique views) across all social content and platforms
   •  Received nearly 222,000 engagements
   •  Drove more than 5K,000 users/leads to the ExecuSource website
   •  Grew social following by 283 percent

The program helped drive ExecuSource’s overall business goals. The company achieved a 62.2 percent year-over-year revenue increase.


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