The situation. The Coca-Cola Company refreshes billions of people every day in more than 200 countries. It is, without question, one of the most iconic companies on the planet. The internal communications team at Coca-Cola North America aims to deliver robust, compelling content consistently to its associates. To help with that effort, it turned to The Wilbert Group. The goal has been to educate and inspire associates, renewing the pride they already feel in working for one of the greatest brands in the world.

Wilbert deployed a smart strategy. Wilbert sparked the internal communications effort by creating traditional news content while also employing fresh storytelling techniques. Wilbert began delivering people- and brand-focused articles, infographics, Q&As, timelines, Slideshares and videos for the employee portal Connect.

Our storytelling is making a difference. Readership on Connect has grown, and North American employees are more plugged in than ever, empowered to be Coca-Cola’s brand advocates in their communities. And Wilbert’s best work flows to the internationally known website, Coca-Cola Journey, creating a powerful link between the internal and external storytelling efforts.

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