ZVerse, a digital manufacturing company, pivoted its operations in a matter of days to respond to the urgent and unexpected needs of the pandemic. ZVerse needed a one-stop brand and PR firm that could work quickly and produce high-impact results. Wilbert created a compelling brand campaign called “Be the Shield” and brought ZVerse’s story to life through a series of logos, website content, social media graphics and other marketing collateral such as product sheets, videos and photography. The team created messaging that aligned with the everchanging health and safety guidelines, while promoting the product in a compelling way to each of ZVerse’s target industries. As part of the messaging, we developed a manifesto that called people to action to “be the shield” and help protect themselves and others from COVID-19 by wearing personal protective equipment. Notably, the Be the Shield campaign remained powerful and relevant throughout the many twists and turns of the pandemic.

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