Toro Development Company

Building the brand from the ground up

Veteran commercial real estate developer Mark Toro hired Wilbert to create and launch the brand for his new company, Toro Development Company. We focused the brand around Mark, an icon in his industry. The logo was inspired by the makings of a deal — human and expressive, like a real signature that gives a personal touch to an otherwise impersonal transaction. We chose a bold color palette led by “high risk red,” which is also Mark’s colorstrology color. The bold red is grounded by more traditional blues and grays. The approach reflects Toro Development Company’s business strategy, which centers on creating great “third places” for communities to gather, with the capital and capability in place to execute. We also developed foundational messaging, the website, corporate marketing materials and everything else Toro Development Company needed to open its doors, down to branded golf balls, shot glasses and notebooks.

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