Wilbert Wins: Social Media

Wilbert Wins: Social Media

As we closed 2021 and headed into the new year, our digital team was hard at work for our clients, from executing holiday giveaways to launching new profiles to creating email newsletters. We wanted to take a moment to shout out their hard work and showcase how digital media can impact your business and tell your story in a compelling, highly effective manner. Check out these recent Wilbert Wins from the digital side of the firm!

AGa Properties Launch

For some of our clients, The Wilbert Group is the ideal partner for a program that includes a brand refresh, new website and social media launch to set their company up for success. For Athens-based AGa Properties, we used their new brand and messaging to create a social media strategy that sets them up for growth in the future, and delivered the first month of content.

Their team will eventually take day-to-day social media management in house, but thanks to our work on the front end, they know how to leverage content and reach their key audiences for the foreseeable future. Check out the brand new Instagram!

The Fentonian Newsletter

As Fenton, a mixed-use development in North Carolina’s Triangle area, comes to life later this year, the project team tasked Wilbert with building community online before Fenton welcomes people IRL. We’ve executed a social media program at every step of the project’s development timeline, and in 2021, ramped up our communications efforts with an email marketing campaign.

Dubbed The Fentonian, this monthly newsletter provides progress updates as well as exclusive content from future Fenton tenants and occasional contests and giveaways for subscribers only. Since launching last summer, the Fentonian has amassed over 1,000 subscribers and a fantastic open rate of 58.2%.

Atlantic Station’s Big Holiday

For many of our mixed-use clients, the holiday season represents a massive opportunity to increase foot traffic and retail sales. For Atlantic Station’s 2021 holiday season, we executed a variety of giveaways and posted engaging content such as Reels to reinforce the message that Atlantic Station is Atlanta’s place to be during the most wonderful time of the year.

In November and December alone, we earned nearly six million impressions, increased engagement over 60% and added 3,000 new Instagram followers. Several posts racked up more than 1,500 engagements, including a giveaway for a stay at the community’s new Embassy Suites hotel.