We hired our first full-time videographer in spring 2017, primarily to film what we called “social snacks,” short videos for clients’ social media feeds. Fast-forward six years, we now have two full-time videographers, as well as a host of social media managers creating reels on their iPhones. We have invested in a video studio, two drones and great camera equipment. 

Video is more likely to be consumed than any other kind of content, no matter the platform. It is becoming more important every day. We are creating multi-layered strategies that take advantage of each platform’s unique qualities - LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, websites, email newsletters. I really like a new video series we are doing for a law firm’s LinkedIn. It is both authentic and professional. This website we designed for a new company is much better because of the dynamic video centerpiece. And on Instagram, it is all about the Reels. Check out this one. Also here is a blog on “what you need to know about Reels” that our digital vice president wrote a few months back.


As with all owned content, video is a great way for clients to own their narratives and speak directly to key audiences. The content must be compelling and relevant to the people they want to reach. It must make sense for the platform it is on. 

If video isn’t a part of your communications program, I would consider adding it. Your audiences are much more likely to engage with your story, if you tell it via video.


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