Tell your own story with W: Content

Tell your own story with W: Content

Call them makers, content creators, storytellers extraordinaire. Whatever the moniker, our team of graphic designers, videographers, writers and podcasters are creating compelling content that allows our clients to tell their own stories to the audiences they care about. 

We have deliberately built out our content team in recent years. We’ve gone from one to two  full-time videographers; the dynamic duo of Sam and Chris make brand videos for websites and short “snacks” for social media. We have three full-time graphic designers – Sherri, Margo and Brandon – who are building brands, creating presentations, designing websites and churning out outstanding social media content every single day. We have two team members, Adam and Jameson, experienced in podcast-making – we have done a couple of successful podcasts for clients and want to do more. And we have a whole team of writers telling stories across a wide variety of channels, from LinkedIn blogs for CEOs to e-newsletters to snappy copy for Instagram.

Why are we investing in top-tier content creators? There ’s plenty of clutter out there, and we must create content that rises above the noise, that has something interesting to say. Content must be relevant, useful and/or entertaining to our clients’ audiences.

The Wilbert Group got its start in 2009 doing traditional PR, especially media relations. And we are still big believers in this part of our business. There is inherent credibility in being featured in well-respected media - whether a trade publication, a local outlet like the Atlanta Business Chronicle or a national player such as The Wall Street Journal. 

Companies increasingly can benefit from telling their own stories as a complement to traditional PR. There is an essential strategy component here, including targeting content to the right people through paid social media campaigns. We have a whole team of people working on digital strategy for projects and companies across the country. But the strategy only works if the content stands out, if it is interesting to the people you reach. Many of our competitors are pushing ho-hum content out, which is a big mistake. If you are going to pay to reach the right people, make the content count.

I expect to continue growing our content team with people who get it, who are creative and talented, who understand business and who are able to create content that drives our clients’ business goals.