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Marlin Business Services, a nationwide provider of commercial financing products and services focused on small and mid-size businesses, made a bold move into the fintech industry in 2015 with their online lending tool Funding Stream. The Wilbert Group was tasked with raising awareness for the product by targeting small and mid-sized business owners on social media using Twitter and the Marlin blog.


Wilbert created the Marlin Business Twitter account in July 2015. In order to amplify its potential reach, Wilbert identified small business influencers and journalists to engage with. In order to keep the conversation fresh and interesting to users, Wilbert consistently finds new and innovative ways to promote Funding Stream while establishing Marlin as a thought leader in the small business community. With minimal advertising, Wilbert was able to generate over 50,000 impressions in 2015 alone, and is on track to garner five times that number in 2016.

Additionally, Wilbert contributes weekly posts to Marlin’s Business Finance blog called “Trending on Thursday.” These blog posts highlight each week’s most important small business news and provide advice to small business owners to help maximize their time and resources.

Due in part to these digital efforts, Funding Stream has funded over 500 loans worth $20 million to small business owners in the first 12 months of launching.


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