PR That Drives Results

At The Wilbert Group, our mission is pretty simple: We help clients tell their stories to the right people to drive business results.


We develop and execute integrated communications programs. We create content – video, white papers, graphics, blogs, Slideshares, you name it. We secure coverage for our clients on television, in newspapers and magazines and in important industry trade media.

We deliver highly targeted social media strategies that reach your customers. We leverage email to generate leads, strengthen thought leadership and build relationships. We relentlessly track results to ensure we deliver the most impactful results.


Many members of our team are former journalists. We know firsthand how newsrooms (print and broadcast) work and how to successfully pitch reporters and editors, which is how we consistently secure top-tier media placements. At the risk of being immodest, we think we’re better at media relations than any firm in town.

Thanks also to our journalist mindset, we know how to craft compelling stories. We empower our clients to become their own media companies, to share content that is useful, relevant and entertaining directly with their target audiences.

Our clients are in a range of industries, including commercial real estate, residential real estate, hospitality and professional services. We dig deep to understand our clients’ businesses and the industries in which they operate - the competition, trends, challenges and even regulatory environments. That helps us find and tell the best stories.


Some of our clients want to reach consumers, some are marketing to other businesses and some want to engage employees. Many want to reach multiple audiences, and we’re good at looking at a company’s brand through more than one lens.

How can we help tell your company’s story?

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